The Adventure Begins: April 29

The Croatia Chronicles returns soon, bringing you stories and photos from a 48-day road trip across Croatia.

You won’t find “top things to do” articles here. Instead, you’ll discover what it means to travel deeply–experiencing local culture and communities just the way they are.

Each post will offer our direct, personal experiences of each area we visit in Croatia–from Slavonia and Zagorje to Istria and Dalmatia.

You’ll read about our delights as well as our challenges, and everything in-between!

As we count down the days until our first trip day–April 29, 2018–you’ll find a variety of pre-trip posts on this blog, from updated content of the CC days of yore to new posts detailing what we plan to do for our 48 days abroad and what inspired this grand, road trip adventure.

Stay tuned (and check us out on Instagram @thecroatiachronicles)!

Until next time,


P.S. Learn more about me and The Croatia Chronicles here. And check out our itinerary and activity wish list here.

Featured photo location: Motovun

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